Charity: Water
Run & More 2021

For the last ten years we’ve supported Charity: Water, an organisation dedicated to working with local communities to bring clean water to those in need.

This year’s campaign will take place from 04.–30.06.2021!

I run bake swap clothes sing BBQ get creative for clean water

Clean Water for everyone

It only takes 30€ to provide clean water for one person.
This year, you can be part of bringing clean water to more than 650 people!

How to get involved

Run / Sports

Run 5K or do a sports challenge and invite people in your world to sponsor you. Want to run 5k with others? You can join a group running every Saturday in June.


Love cooking or baking? Why not bake, cook or even BBQ for your neighbours, colleagues or family for a small donation.

Swap Clothes

Clear out your closet, swap the clothes you don’t wear anymore and donate the funds to our Charity: Water 2021 campaign.


Design shirts, go busking, create something and invite people make a small donation.

Get Creative!

Got another idea to help raise funds for this year’s campaign? Awesome!
Let us know!

Any questions?