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Ukraine Refugee Help

Ukrainian Refuge Help

Jun 1, 2022

With the outbreak of the war, we immediately created a hub in Warsaw to provide initial support for many families from Ukraine that were forced to leave their country. With the help of a local organisation in Warsaw and in cooperation with a hotel we were able to provide a place to rest for a few nights, basic supplies or even some suitcases for those that had not more than some plastic bags for their belongings.

Our team set up close communication to various European organisations to connect more people fleeing with a place they can call home and be taken care of. Many families continued their journey to Budapest, Bucharest, Republic of Moldova, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dusseldorf and Berlin and many of them were welcomed in private homes and found support as they establish their life away from home.

In Berlin an opportunity emerged to utilize a guest house as an accommodation with forty spaces for the coming months. More than ten families live there now and moms and kids are equally glad about this opportunity that does not just offer accommodation but also fellowship and connection. Our setup in Warsaw functions in a similar way and we are thankful for the huge support from our community with registration processes, social benefits, basic supplies and school-applications."